Rolex Seadweller 16600 after-care

There are a few things that still need taking care of. (a) the bezel insert and the ding on one of the lugs. Let’s start with the insert.

As mentioned before, the insert of the Seadweller has different dimensions, compared to the ceramic / aluminum Submariner – the outer diameter is about 1.5mm too wide. The inner diameter may work. I have plenty Submariner inserts lying around. Genuine and replicas. Therefore, I needed to buy inserts that would fit the SD. Being a cheapskate, I found some aftermarket aluminum ones that fit. Well, I say fit, but not exactly. I first ordered one, figuring I would need only one.

But once it arrived, it turned out that it was a fraction of a milimeter too wide. I initially tried to force it in, as they are push-fit anyway, but that resulted in bending and pocketing. See exhibit 1.

See how scratched and bent it is? Look at the level of the insert at 35 and 40 minute mark. See how wavy it is? Also, there are scratches. See this:

But, I did order a few more inserts. If I quickly check my parts cache, they should be there.

Yep, there they are, in the third container bottom from left. And then some more in the last container one row up from that.

These will do. But now, I will grind one of them down to size. I’ll use my trusty dremel.

Since I do not have an actual holder for the dremel, but I do have a small vise, so that will work just as well.

Remove the old insert.

Use the sand colored grinder and then afterwards the brillo red pad.

I had to do several iterations. Better to take off smaller chunks several times than to take off too much and ruin the insert. Grind. Check. Grind. Repeat.

But the end result is quite nice.

Now for the dinged lug. See the bottom right lug on the photo below. There is an indentation. In the previous post I posted the initial photos of the purchased case – it was there when bought. The seller disclosed it, not to worry.

I do not necessarily care about that. It is supposed to be a 30 years old tool watch, so that just makes it special and mine. But I can grind down the rough edges.

I’ll use the dremel (various coarseness grinders, end up with brillo pads and polishers).

smoother now. Again, a few iterations.

It is still there, but smoother. Completely removing it would require welding and grinding. But now I need to polish the side.

The end result.


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